Supersonic UAV

Affordable miniaturisation of ramjet technology is Sonikair’s core focus. The challenge is to meet the ever increasing global demand for long range air-breathing supersonic unmanned aircraft.

Who We Are

Sonikair Pty Ltd was formed to seek out global opportunities for the commercialisation of supersonic ramjet technology which was developed by Grollo Aerospace.

As an Australian company producing leading edge technology, Sonikair is determined to become a market leader in the provision of affordable supersonic propulsion systems and aerial targets.

Our supersonic aerial targets will meet the demands of Navies, Air Forces and Armies domestically and internationally as a means of evaluating leading edge weapons defence systems against modern threats.

Our Partners & Collaborators

Supersonic Ramjet Technology

Ramjet Engine Technology

The MLG-RAM Propulsion System makes use of variable geometry supersonic air inlets and nozzles designed to deliver efficient flight up to Mach 3 over a large range of altitudes. The unit maintains effective combustion throughout its operational envelope by an electronic engine management system developed in-house. The engine is regeneratively cooled and can reliably withstand sustained operation over a wide speed range, extensive use of non-exotic materials and manufacturing processes significantly reduce production and maintenance costs.

Supersonic Aerial Target

Evader has been designed for aerial launching, whether it’s off another UAV or fixed wing civilian or defence aircraft it’s fully autonomous and can be programmed to replicate flight characteristics of some of the world’s most advanced airborne threats. Evader’s programmable autopilot executes aircraft control, guidance, navigation, and initiates the recovery system at the conclusion of each flight for reusable targets.

Sonikair Targets


Aerial launching a supersonic target from beyond the horizon presents realistic training for ship’s crews with less than a minute to identify, track determine if a threat then destroy if needed. 

High Diving

Evader’s flight profile can be changed to mimic specific threats to once again provide a realistic threat. Ship’s defence system can also be stressed tested by launching multiple targets at once.

Air to Air

We now have the most sophisticated aircraft ever built designed to defend against supersonic threats. Having supersonic targets which are aerial launched in any given environment provides superior training opportunities.

Sea Skimming Target CGI

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